Seamless transition to monetization for both operators & enterprises

Operators are expecting to generate most of their long-term revenue from B2B services. They can succeed in implementing private networks solution only by figuring out how to tap into the enterprise market. The idea of deploying their own, private networks is taking shape as many companies are investing in it across many enterprise verticals. The inability to charge a premium for consumer services could potentially lead to operators not monetizing their investments and struggling to offer differentiated services beyond connectivity.
Operators' success in co-creating innovative private network services with enterprise customers depends largely on what enterprises want to accomplish. To capture the immense enterprise opportunity, operators must ensure they have made progress in their own digital transformations. This means putting the right tools in place to deliver private network enterprise services which includes capitalizing on network slicing, MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) to leverage partnerships and co-creation.



$16.9 billion

Private LTE market worth By 2025

Private LTE market leaders

North America & Europe

Csmart suite platform for releasing private network monetization

The key drivers for enterprises to explore private networks are guaranteed coverage, network control, performance, security, and innovative monetization service model’s support. Private network solution provides MVNx operators with new revenue generating opportunities for public & private enterprises.
Covalensedigital can facilitate this by replacing legacy, hardware-centric networks with cloud native, easy to deploy digital product – Csmart. With quick digitalization, Csmart can enable private network solutions to effectively work for operators and enterprises.
Operator: Enterprise
Operators can deploy extra capacities for HD video consumers as part of a revenue-sharing plan with enterprise content providers.
Both operators and enterprises can monetize by providing private and dedicated networks for manufacturing, production, and supply chains.
Improved enterprise-wide CRM
Private networks can provide 360° remote diagnostics, inspection & maintenance for various industry segments
CRM system on-the-go helps improve the data quality with our effective Csmart mobile app.
Endless industry applications
Private networks would be vital for enterprises to implement emerging technologies – 5G & IoT.
Enterprise-level private networks can drastically improve the business of sports arenas, hospitals, conventional centers, railways, EduTech, oil & gas industries and many other business sectors.

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