experience – The key to unlocking revenue growth for service providers

Digital customer experience is a major differentiator to achieve customer acquisition and retention in the new 5G communications market.
Standalone 5G architecture for end-to-end 5G deployment

A 360° - comprehensive approach to customer digital journey

A customer’s digital experience with a service provider is a direct indicator of how the customer’s life has been made easier by them. An end-to-end customer journey data is required to create a 360-degree view of the customer-operator relationship. Service providers need to utilize AI-data analytics to gain 360° views, capture customer buying choices across multiple touchpoints, among others. All these factors together contribute to improving digital experiences and help attract new customers while keeping existing ones happy.

Provide a rich customer experience with Csmart digital CX through:

AI-ML analytics + CVM with Csmart Assure/
Omnichannel experience with Csmart care & Csmart MApps
Zero-touch automated support with digital transformation
5G-capable dynamic digital BSS stack

AI-ML powered hyper-personalization in real time

Csmart Assure/Aspen is an AI-ML first data analytics platform powering telcos with an in-depth analysis of customers’ data. By understanding their previous choices and current preferences, Csmart Assure/Aspen helps telcos predict customer’s future needs and then make relevant and personalized recommendations.

Such data-led customer learnings equip operators to present offerings that match the customer’s needs. Service providers find it much easier to then customize campaigns, offers, promotions, value-added services to specific customer segments with higher chances of purchases.

With AI-powered customer engagement, Csmart Assure/Aspen also helps telcos improve/amplify Customer Value Management.

Omnichannel experience with Csmart care

Omnichannel experience unifies all customer interactions across multiple customer touchpoints onto a single converged platform. Csmart care is built for providing omnichannel experience and Csmart MApps is bundled with CX digital innovations. These Csmart components with AI/ML integration help deliver actionable insights across various interaction channels. This empowers communication service providers to provide consistent, personalized, and relevant engagement throughout the customer’s digital journey making it smoother, irrespective of the device used, leading to an overall seamless CX.
Easy 5G integration
Complete customer experience & value management

Zero-touch automated support

AI/ML technology enables operators to offer instant and direct customer interactions without the hassle of visiting physical stores. From digital onboarding, self-care offerings to customer support, zero-touch AI/ML & automation empowers service providers to make their customers’ lives easier & convenient.

Automation allows operators to streamline and connect business processes that use customer data. Csmart CRM is bundled with intelligence tracer using AI/ML for customers’ behavior patterns. From product catalog, ordering, purchase info, billing, to digital onboarding and customer support channels, it helps take care of many such data elements. Such data enables service providers to keep on providing personalized recommendations to customers helping them deliver delightful digital journeys.

Make your customer’s life easier.
Elevate your customer’s digital experience
with Csmart CX.