Enhanced DCX - Essential for successful digital transformation

The digitalization process of any organization can only be successful if the customers are satisfied with their experience throughout their customer journey. An enhanced DCX - Digital Customer Experience is crucial for driving digital business operations including monetization transactions such as billing and payments. As a result, digital customer experiences have a direct impact on businesses and enterprises.

Performance of newly launched 5G/IoT offerings

With 5G deployment across the world, 5G based and IoT related offerings are on the rise. Newer services, products and solutions are being launched by enterprises to keep up with the ever-increasing customer expectations. The performance of these 5G/IoT services and solutions depends highly on the customer’s digital journey experience while using them. Without a customer-friendly digital experience, it is make or break for the new enterprise offerings.

Digital CX & Covalensedigital

Covalensedigital’s Csmart CX is built to provide enhanced DCX for enterprises and businesses. Along with our product Csmart and our decade long expertise on all things digital, we can help you improve your digitalization operations and transactions.
Csmart CX
Our Csmart CX consists of 3 components – Csmart CRM, Csmart MApps & Csmart care.
Together these equip your business to span an increasingly complex array of customer touchpoints and deliver contextual actions for consistent, personalized, and relevant engagement across the entire customer journey.
The Csmart CX platform helps you manage end-to-end user journey - onboard customers; buy, share, or adjust packages; one bill for multiple services, payments. It helps provide omni channel experience to all the stakeholders (internal, customers, partners, etc.) through selfcare and mobile app.
Advanced analytics and DCX
Covalensedigital embraces advanced analytics to craft superior customer experience strategies and drive improved customer engagement in an omnichannel environment.
Our impactful insights optimize operational and customer-related business decisions by applying predictive & prescriptive analytics. This can maximize efficiencies within customer engagement processes through automation.