Digitalize Your Business in Minimal Time with Csmart

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Launch your business with Csmart

Launch your Business with Csmart

Digitalization of most business operations is essential to enable the quick launch of telco services. Csmart facilitates the set-up of digital ecosystems which operate efficiently to generate significant results for your MVNx business.

Cut cost & time by 4x – with Csmart Telco SaaS Suite

Csmart’s low code makes it extremely light allowing it to deliver high performance. Its open API allows easy integration of 3rd party systems in no time.

The microservices based architecture makes it agile and scalable, allowing a faster GTM rate. Csmart is cloud native and multi-tenant. These powerful Csmart component features reduce telco launch-time and costs by 4x.

Cut cost & time by 4x – with Csmart Telco SaaS Suite

Csmart’s Proven Telco Numbers

Csmart Reduces
Operator CAPEX by
Csmart Accelerates
GTM Cycle by
Accelerate Your Digital Transformation & Growth

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation & Growth

Covalensedigital’s Csmart is designed to digitalize all kinds of telecom businesses like B2C, B2B, and B2B2X telco models including legacy systems. With smoother migration, it completes digital transformation with minimal disruption to your existing business processes.

You can enter newer markets and leverage emerging technologies like 5G-IoT & private 5G because Csmart is 5G compliant, cloud native and an easy-to-integrate platform. This further helps you grow by adding more revenue streams to your existing MVNx business.

Csmart Helps Telcos - Launch, Scale, and Innovate.