Transform from MVNO to xVNO service provider

With 5G technology being deployed since 2019, MVNOs need to transform their existing infrastructure into future ready digital systems. MVNOs can no longer operate in the traditional telecommunications sector where connectivity was the only business factor.
With the super-fast network coverage of 5G, MVNOs need to have end-to-end service enablement as a part of their overall digital infrastructure. To meet with the growing demands of customers for newer 5G enabled offerings, MVNOs must transform into xVNO.

US$5.58 billion

Unique subscribers
by 2025

US$1.14 trillion

Operator revenues & investments
to rise by 2025


MNOs to adopt into 5G commercial services
by 2025

Csmart – An xVNO-enabling cloud XaaS platform

Your MVNO to xVNO journey can begin when you focus on providing end-to-end service enablement and core business offerings. To achieve this, day-to-day business operations can be made faster with enterprise-wide digital transformation. Csmart SaaS digital BSS platform is based on Pay As You Grow model which means your upfront digital transformation cost on capital will be minimal.
B2C, B2B & B2B2X offerings portfolio
Covalensedigital has been driving digital transformations from legacy systems into xVNOs. Through world-class telco billing, Csmart enables monetization for your MVNO-xVNO offerings.
This further facilitates you to create a digital-based diversified offerings portfolio in various B2C, B2B, B2B2X industries.
Csmart digital BSS
Microservices based digital BSS is at the core of digital transformation.
Csmart digital BSS not only helps in transforming legacy systems to digital but supports multi-industry solutions along with the traditional telco services.
Digitalize to monetize
Csmart CRM – Built to target MVNO & xVNO, it can be easily integrated with 3rd party product suites.
It takes care of end-to-end user journeys, thus giving your customers a smooth digital experience.
Csmart DM - Digital Marketplace – is a tri–fold capability platform that offers features to host, partners and buyers. It enables digital monetization, zero-touch partnering, and omnichannel buying.