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A Digital-Ready Telco is Future Ready

We help telcos & CSPs go beyond the traditional telco model.
Move up from CSP to DSP

Move up from CSP to DSP

A CSP that operates on a traditional telco model loses out on numerous business opportunities including customer acquisition and retention. CSPs with legacy systems fail to provide enhanced digital customer experiences and cannot capitalize on emerging technologies like 5G.

A DSP can do this and more. Covalensedigital enables CSPs to become DSPs that can deploy & deliver all these features, services and solutions in 60-90 days’ time.

Monetize your core business offerings with minimal capital

Our Telco SaaS platform - Csmart is cost-effective. It is based on ‘Pay as You Grow’ model where your upfront digital transformation cost on capital will be minimal.

Covalensedigital makes day-to-day business operations faster with enterprise-wide digital transformation. A digital MVNO expedites end-to-end service enablement, helping you focus on launch and monetization of your core business & innovative offerings.

Monetize your core business offerings with minimal capital

MVNx and Covalensedigital

3 million
new subscribers onboarded in less than 40 days of launch for an African MNO
60% OPEX reduced
for an Asian MVNO
End-to-end MVNx services

End-to-end MVNx services

Whether you are a CSP, ISP, a brand entrant, or an incumbent, we have been providing MVNx solutions specific to each business requirement.

When it’s a new telco player, our org has helped them launch and grab a significant market share. If it's an existing MVNO, we have helped them transform, scale and monetize with our product Csmart.

Covalensedigital’s Csmart helps you become a digital MVNO and deliver monetizable services.