5G readiness decides the extent of monetization

The worldwide deployment of 5G began in 2019. With the rise of 5G, organizations not only need to upgrade their existing legacy infrastructure to digital but be 5G-ready to launch new offerings. Enterprises need to strengthen their systems with 5G capabilities to maintain current business operations. This includes meeting customer expectations with smooth digital journey experiences.

66% of organizations

began 5G deployment
since 2020

60% of CSPs

will commercialize 5G service
by 2024

59% organizations

find private networks
as the most direct option for 5G

Csmart DX - Built for 5G integration

Csmart DX is a fully cloud-native system. A simple configuration driven platform that drives businesses to resonate with other value-added services. Our SaaS product Csmart can help enterprises become 5G ready and hence be able to rapidly monetize their new & innovative 5G based offerings.
Private networks monetization
With faster 5G deployment rates across the world, CSPs may not be able to deliver on 5G business demands in time. As a result, implementation and maintenance of private networks will be crucial for enterprises who want to quickly leverage 5G capabilities.
Covalensedigital with a strong cloud & software background can enable end-to-end private network monetization for enterprises across various industry verticals.
Csmart DX – 5G enabler
Lighter on code and faster with integration, Csmart DX is built over the open API concept. It comes ready-to-plug for any 5G or telecom network using ‘DX-Telco’ and enterprise using ‘DX – Enterprises’.