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Amplify customer value with Aspen

Our AI/ML platform, Aspen, helps telcos enable CVM leading to improved CX.
Amplify customer value with Aspen

AI/ML platform – Aspen

Covalensedigital’s Aspen is an AI/ML platform that is designed to take care of Customer Value Management for the MVNx industry. Aspen allows MVNOs and MVNEs to utilize data insights to improve Customer Experience and Customer Lifetime Value.
QE advisory & transformation

Analyzing Customer Behavior

Aspen is an AI solution for context-based customer segmentation. Aspen’s behavior analysis automatically tracks customer behavior changes along multiple dimensions. It recommends the right apps to target personalized bundling that can prevent churn propensity.

AI/ML and telecom


The accuracy of AI/ML solutions over other analytics techniques

2.9 - 6.3%

The impact AI/ML has on telecom industry's revenue
Source: McKinsey
CVM capabilities – Key to customer retention and acquisition

CVM capabilities – Key to customer retention and acquisition

Aspen solution framework not only detects churners but customers with a designated behavioral pattern, taking prediction analysis to a new level. With such a high-functioning CVM system, it leads to better CX.

Aspen is customer decision intelligence you can use to amplify your CVM