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Infrastructure & Cloud

In this digital era, enterprises face challenges in transitioning to the digital landscape. At Covalensedigital, we've meticulously crafted our cloud and infrastructure services to address these needs. Leveraging the power of AI and Automation we bring a full-stack digital cloud and infrastructure model with advanced digital frameworks offering security, seamless compliance, and high ROI.
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Why Covalensedigital?

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Professionals endorsed by Industry Certifications
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Best Architecture

The engineering team focused on Optimized Architecture
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Security is among the topmost priority
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Compliance awareness and Impact analysis
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High-available and resilient Solutions

Advanced Business Solutions

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Experience disaster recovery solutions on-cloud with near-zero RPO.
  • Achieve an overall RTO of less than 20 minutes with our robust disaster recovery solution.
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Performance Optimization

  • Drives testing practices for large scale
  • E2E digital telco transformations
  • Automation Frameworks Design/Development
  • Innovation in quality engineering including development of self healing solutions
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Solution Auditing

  • Our SME teams conduct thorough reviews and audits of delivered solutions.
  • Get valuable recommendations for continuous improvement.
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  • Smooth on-premises to cloud transitions.
  • Streamlined migration with expert support.

Service Offerings

Solution Architecting

  • - Network and Virtualization Design
  • - VMware KVM and Oracle VMs
  • - AWS, OCI , GCP, Azure Clouds
  • - Dockers and Kubernetes Solutions
  • - Devops and IaaC Architectures
  • - Microservice Architectures-Is this applicable to us?
  • - Cost Optimization, Right sizing of the resources
Easy 5G integration
Complete customer experience & value management

IT Implementation

  • - Server Hosting and Deployment
  • - Cloud Account Management service (FYI - Like AWS Organizations)
  • - Loadbalancers and Autoscaling
  • - Serverless applications and API gateways
  • - DBMS,SQL, NoSQL implementations

Securing the Services

  • - Securing Cloud and On-Premise
  • - Firewalls, WAF and bot control
  • - VPNs and ZTNA Solutions
  • - SIEM Solutions - Security Access Controls
  • - OS and container security
  • - SSL/TLS, Key Management
  • - BCP, VAPT & VA Scans
Quick partner onboarding & offerings launch
Quick partner onboarding & offerings launch

Monitoring Infrastructure

  • - On-Premise and Cloud Monitoring
  • - Service Availability Monitoring
  • - Nagios, Grafana, Percona
  • - Notifying the Alerts
  • - Database monitoring

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