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Circles Life

Circles.Life would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the close partnership that we’ve built with Covalense Digital Solutions (Covalensedigital) over the years.

We appreciate the many services that have been provided, and would like to thank Covalensedigital for being part of our growth story. As Circles.Life continues to work on giving power back to customers, we see Covalensedigital as a valuable technology partner and look forward to the team’s support.

Changez Khan
Head of Network Engineering
Asia Pacific Telecom
Covalensedigital is engaged as part of our ambitious 4G Billing transformation project. Covalensedigital demonstrated in-depth knowledge in Oracle Communications stack of products. We are extremely happy about the progress made in the current implementation and migration phases of the project and look forward for long term working relationship.
Eric Chen
Director of IT

Covalensedigital has been a preferred partner for Intuit since 2014. Covalensedigital has assisted Intuit immensely for launching Intuit’s subscription monetization platform for SAAS and other product offerings in North America, Australia, Europe and other Global Markets successfully.

We commend and appreciate Covalensedigital’s in-depth domain and technology expertise. With their thorough understanding of Intuit’s business needs, Covalensedigital excelled in delivering applications, assured quality and application support services with highest professionalism.

We are delighted to engage Covalensedigital at Intuit and we look forward for many more years of business association.

Balajee Sundaram

Covalensedigital has been associated with Cyta Hellas Greece from 2014 on multiple projects. Covalensedigital Architects and SMEs are involved in the architecture, design and implementation of MVNO Rating, billing and invoicing using Oracle RODOD stack. Covalensedigital expertise in OBRM has greatly helped Cyta Hellas to stabilize the fixed line BRM rating, billing and invoicing systems. Covalensedigital successfully executed projects to improve BRM performance.

  • BRM rating performance is improved 900%, brought down the full month CDR processing from 13 plus days to 1.5 days
  • BRM billing performance is improved 800%, brought down from 48 hours to 3 hours
  • BRM invoicing performance is improved 500%, brought down from 26 hours to 5 hours

Covalensedigital expertise and deliverables helped Cyta Hellas Greece to stabilize BRM systems, stream line operations, solving critical issues, identify and fix revenue leaks.

We enjoy good working relationship with Covalensedigital and we look forward to a long term engagement with Covalensedigital.

Nicos Charalambous
General Manager

Covalensedigital has been associated with Viva for the past 3 years in multiple projects. They have delivered successfully in all the projects across end to product stacks with Siebel CRM, OSM, AIA & OBRM.

Covalensedigital SMEs have been instrumental in delivering the BRM upgrade project and we continue to engage them for advisory services as part of enriching the product stack.

As part of the production support team, they have optimized rating and billing performances and continue to support critical activities. We look forward to a long-term engagement with Covalensedigital.

Hicham Badaoui
Director of IT

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