Launch a new class of services with digital BSS

Digitalization of traditional enterprise BSS provides one of the most crucial aspects of boosting business profits - Flexibility. With digital BSS, you can launch a whole new range of services and these services can help you capture lucrative new markets. As a result, your enterprise’s monetary avenues open up leading to monetization of those newly launched services.

Csmart digital BSS – A SaaS platform

Covalensedigital’s Csmart digital BSS platform is a pre-packaged, pre-integrated, cloud-native SaaS Platform that can be used to transform a CSP - Communications Service Provider to a true DSP - Digital Services Provider.

Covalensedigital and digital BSS

Besides our digital BSS product - Csmart, our digital BSS based services involve world-class telco billing, cloud services and expert consulting.
Covalensedigital – An Oracle Gold Partner
Covalensedigital has 1000+ years of collective experience in implementing Oracle Communications stack for various communication service providers including Siebel, OSM, UIM, ASAP-IPSA, BRM Suite, BI-Publisher, and AIA. Our organization has 500+ pre-configured concept-cash-care E2E use cases for Oracle Communications stack and test cases automated using Digital TAF - Test Automation Platform. This extensive expertise helps you reduce your GTM cycles & optimize your costs in delivering quality services to your customers.
Cloud solutions, migrations & transformations
Along with cloud-native services, organizations need to achieve a digital-cloud based outcome that creates new business streams. Covalensedigital’s Csmart is our cloud native platform. Csmart combined with our expert consulting can help cut costs & reduce time with all your cloud migration and transformation services.
End-to-end management of digital BSS
Our decade long expertise in digital BSS, Oracle Gold partnership and cloud transformations qualifies us to modernize legacy BSS systems into the digital era. From DCX to AI/ML based analytics, our consulting services cover all aspects of digital BSS implementation.