5G-capable digital

The launch of 5G networks has pushed CSPs to change their traditional BSS.


Legacy BSS
modernization for 5G

Most CSPs operate on legacy BSS stack. For a telco of any size to offer & deliver various 5G services at consumer-friendly costs across demographics, a modern digital BSS is the first requirement to fulfill. After the launch of standalone 5G networks, a service provider/operator’s BSS needs to be 5G capable to match the 5G network functions.

5G network slicing &
guarantee of quality for
enterprise-customer services

5G networks offer network slicing as a basic capability, compared to 4G & 3G’s network slicing restrictions. 5G allows dedicated network slices, using which CSPs can create virtual data channels for single data type services. This not only allows co-creation of enterprise-customer services but guarantees quality of services for them as well. That’s why having a 5G-capable digital BSS lets CSPs leverage opportunities created by 5G technology across all types of B2B2X business models.

Covalensedigital has designed 5G Csmart suite with modular flexibility. Csmart digital BSS is cloud based with a powerful microservices architecture that can be decoupled. Only the module required by a CSP/telco can be offered which functions to deliver a specific service/s to a target customer segment. Not only would this allow for a 5G-enabled enterprise-customer service ecosystem to work but thrive. This makes Csmart - the fastest yet low-cost way to provide service differentiation and meet end-user SLAs. It also allows CSPs to try new revenue streams as part of 5G monetization.


Why prefer Covalensedigital-Csmart
BSS for your CSP?

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Csmart BSS – The bridge connecting
technology and business simplicity

Through digital transformation, automation, & monetization

CSPs or telcos of any size can reduce complexity of their business operations and improve operational efficiency through digital transformation, automation & monetization. This creates digitally connected yet independently working eco systems which improves business agility. Csmart has also been proven to drastically reduce time-to-market for an operator’s /CSP’s new or renewed offerings.

Csmart BSS implements digitalization with minimal disruption to existing business operations. It shields telcos/businesses from complexity & compliance aspects of technologies allowing them the freedom to drive & innovate their core business while still exploring all the opportunities offered by the same technologies.

We help CSPs transform & monetize
5G with our 5G-ready BSS