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Africacom – Cape Town: November 12–14, 2019

Africacom is the flagship event in the telecommunications industry; held annually in Cape Town towards the end of the calendar year, it attracts participation and visits from around the African continent and from other parts of the world. This year, in addition to the topics related to telecommunications, there was a substantial focus on digital themes and the intersection of industries.  

We engaged several executives/business owners in the service provider domain with the potential to become either direct clients or channel partners. The message from all of them was compellingly common. While operational challenges existed, they had both the tools and the experience to transform them; but spotless customer experience is the need of the hour. The fact that so many service providers from different parts of the world were establishing operations in Africa is a very encouraging prospect for the continent and South Africa in particular. Europe, Middle East, and South America were the regions from which MVNOs and Digital Services Providers and Satellite Operators were expanding into Africa.

In conclusion, the event had a different flavour to it from a standard telecommunications industry summit; it showcased the increasing trend towards consolidating technologies to build a next-generation digital society and we at Covalensedigital are fully geared up for this digital transformation.

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