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To expedite software delivery, we implement best-in-class DevOps practices tailored to your organization's needs and objectives.

Leverage Covalensedigital’s DevOps services to automate and optimize operations, shorten release cycles, decrease development costs, and enhance collaboration across teams for your mission-critical projects.Covalensedigital’s DevOps consulting services aim to assess, plan, and guide your organization through the DevOps transformation journey, providing tailored solutions and support to achieve your organizational objectives effectively.
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What Covalensedigital Offer

Testing coverage

Continuous Integration

Streamlining of internal development by integrating code into a shared  repository several times a  day.

Each check in is then  verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early in  the cycle.​

Testing coverage

Continuous Delivery/Deployment

Continuous delivery ensures that code is always ready for production & can be deployed at any time.

Continuous deployment automatically releases code changes to an application's production environment.

Testing coverage

Continuous Automation/Operations

Automating tests in the delivery chain ensures they run for every codebase build.

Operations manage solutions based on feedback loops, monitoring & telemetry into the backlog.

DevOps Life Cycle Support by Covalensedigital

Industry-leading consulting services tailored to your specific needs.
Industry-leading consulting services tailored to your specific needs.
Industry-leading consulting services tailored to your specific needs.
Industry-leading consulting services tailored to your specific needs.
Industry-leading consulting services tailored to your specific needs.
Review & Monitor
Industry-leading consulting services tailored to your specific needs.

Covalensedigital’s Competency

DevOps Services and Solutions
  • Whether you're new to DevOps or seeking to advance your current DevOps journey, our seasoned DevOps consultants will guide you through strategic planning and implementation to foster a DevOps culture
  • Implementing ServiceNow ITSM provides access to intelligent applications that.
As your DevOps partners, we help in the following areas:
Testing coverage

Continuous Integration & Delivery

We help you establish CI/CD practices within your organization, enabling the automation of build, test, and deployment processes to achieve faster and more reliable software delivery.
Smart feed

Platform and Tool Selection

We guide you in selecting the right platforms and tools that align with your organization's goals, technology stack, and DevOps maturity level. This includes evaluating options for CI/CD tools.
Test Ops

Automation Pipeline Development

We work with your team to design and implement automation pipelines tailored to your specific requirements.
Test Ops

Future Automation Process

We help you establish a roadmap for continuous improvement and future automation initiatives
DevOps CI/CD Pipeline
  • As we assist you in bridging the gap between your development and operations teams, our focus is on selecting the right processes and tools to foster DevOps practices within your software development lifecycle.
DevOps Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration (CI) is a crucial aspect of DevOps, a set of practices aimed at improving collaboration and communication between development and operations teams to deliver high-quality software more efficiently.
  • In the context of DevOps, CI plays a significant role in automating the integration and testing of code changes, thereby enabling a faster and more reliable software delivery pipeline.
DevOps Automation
  • Covalensedigital DevOps automation consulting services are designed to expedite your deployment process.
  • After completing the assessment phase, we proceed to set up the infrastructure and automate the delivery pipeline.
  • This includes creating automated scripts for testing, integration, and release cycles using tools for infrastructure automation provisioning. These tools enhance monitoring, visibility, and performance measurement capabilities.
DevOps Infra Automation
  • DevOps Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is indeed pivotal in leveraging infrastructure automation for deploying scripts, engaging teams, monitoring tools, tracking performance, and ensuring adherence to planned targets.
Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) is a fundamental practice within the DevOps methodology, focusing on automating the software delivery process to ensure that software can be released to production reliably and efficiently at any time.
  • It extends the principles of Continuous Integration (CI) by automating the deployment and release stages of the software delivery pipeline.
DevOps Monitorings
  • Continuous monitoring is a critical aspect of DevOps, ensuring that applications and infrastructure are continuously observed for performance, availability, and security issues.
  • It involves collecting, analysing, and acting upon data from various sources to maintain and improve the health and performance of systems in real-time.

Our DevOps team crafts software packages, ensuring alignment with Agile practices.