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Emerge. Innovate. Excel.

Encouraging innovation and a positive workplace

Covalensedigital has steadily grown into a strong SaaS company driving subscription monetization business solutions on the cloud. Our organization prides itself on providing unique products and solutions to our clients. With customers and product implementations spread across 16 geographies, our offices are in multiple countries like Canada, India, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States. Covalensedigital is a global corporation serving more than 70+ active clients across different industry verticals. As a team, we strive for innovation while maintaining a positive workplace for diverse generations working across various domains. We believe in creating an employee-friendly environment. An organization that is a Great Place To Work – Certified, Covalensedigital-ions are simply happy people at work.

What does Covalensedigital do?

Our organization has been built with the purpose of delivering meaningful business value to our clients. Covalensedigital enables digitization of businesses and enterprises through subscription monetization by providing products, customized solutions and services using the best of cloud and mobile technologies. We also partner with and invest in innovative enterprises that leverage emerging technologies to build next-gen solutions.


Covalensedigital’s product - Csmart is a Subscription Monetization Platform that has been implemented in various continents across the world.

Our Csmart DM is a Digital Marketplace Platform that is designed for communication and enterprise markets.

Our digital revenue platforms as products extend to product-engineering services.

Our other products include Digital TAF - Test Automation and TaaS Platform.


This is specifically created for the MVNx industry with features like digital platform monetization, real-time charging, & data network.

Covalensedigital has deployed multiple scalable, and cloud-based Csmart MVNx solutions for our clients.


Our digital services focus on digital BSS, telco-cloud transformations, digital CX, advanced analytics, and product engineering.

Covalensedigital is driving digital transformations for many enterprises

Build your career with us


Covalensedigital constantly works towards implementing our company principles of emerge, innovate, and excel. It is a moment of pride and happiness when we see it being fulfilled in the form of awards and recognition for our products and solutions.

Csmart wins Oracle’s Solution Excellence Award 2019 for the second consecutive year

For two years in a row, Covalense is proud to win Oracle’s “Solution Excellence Award 2019” for Csmart. This is in view of the achievements, growth and commitment Covalense has offered to the customer community throughout.

Covalense wins “Business Value Excellence Award” at Oracle CAB Asia 2018

Oracle Communications Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting is an exclusive event comprising of a network of forward-thinking people coming together to help shape the future direction of the Oracle Communications Product Suite. Covalense is proud to receive yet another award from Oracle . The event was held at Bangkok, between
September 19-20, 2018.

The Covalensedigital journey

From a humble newly founded company to a rapidly growing organization with locations and projects active across many continents, we have come a long way.


Success Stories

Global Offices

Customers in Countries


Covalensedigital evolution

Project after project, year after year, we built a
strong organization!


Covalensedigital is GPTW certified again! 3rd year in a row!

March 17, 2022 – Bangalore, India – 2022 has just begun and Covalensedigital-ions already have a reason to r…

March 17, 2022

We are a happy people organization

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