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A brand-new Covalensedigital office in India!



Covalensedigital is delighted to announce that we have inaugurated a brand-new office in Bengaluru. This is our additional office in the garden city of India located in Mahadevapura, besides our current Bengaluru office, in Koramangala.  


Covalensedigital is committed to the well-being of our associates. As we move to a 500+ workforce, it is also time to move into fresher offices! The new swanky office stays aligned to our other Covalensedigital locations across India in terms of space, style and amenities.  

We believe in diverse working models. The whole architecture of our new workplace is such that each corner has a pop of color. The office sets the tone and creates a positive work environment that gives a home-like freedom in the comfort of corporate space. Such workspace helps associates collaborate with colleagues, discuss ideas, while having fun & relaxing in play zones. 

This new Bengaluru office is part of Covalensedigital’s massive expansion plans in India for the year 2023. We are positive that we shall continue this streak in the near future as well.

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