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Covalensedigital - Committed to COVID-19 employee safety

As an organization, we ensure our employees’ health and safety come first. That’s the reason we started the COVID focus group to make it easy for our employees to get centralized information about all-things-COVID. As part of this initiative, our team is constantly working to procure vaccines for our organization’s associates and their families and friends. On obtaining new updates, the details are sent to Covalensedigitalions through mails, reminders, etc.

Covalensedigital is proud to say that we successfully organized a vaccination drive for our employees on 04th June 2021 at the Covalensedigital Bangalore campus. Arranged by our organization, the drive was conducted by Narayana Hrudayalaya. It began at 10 am and registration included family and friends of our Covalensedigital associates. All COVID-19 related safety measures and precautions were carried out at the campus.

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