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A message from CEO Sreenivas Peesapati on COVID-19 | Covalensedigital

To all our customers, employees and their families,

The COVID-19 global pandemic crisis has put the entire mankind into a quandary. Our hearts and prayers are all for those who got impacted directly or indirectly during this crisis period. A big SALUTE to all health workers, doctors, and emergency staff who are putting their lives in the frontline to support the rest across the world. We are wishing everyone to stay safe, stay healthy and stay at home during this period.

We at Covalensedigital have taken all necessary precautions to protect our employees, their families by enabling everyone to work from home. This has been an exercise we have been putting all our efforts towards the digitalization journey and which has proved as a just in time exercise. This has helped us to support our customers through all online means from remote places and very happy to inform that seamlessly we are making progress, taking systems to Live, and a zero impact on our business continuity of our employees working remotely.

Covalensedigital in this need of the hour is also contributing through various non-profit organizations in the “ Feed the Hungry” program to help support the neighborhood community, contributing to the state and federal relief funds to do its bit of support to the greater community and country.

For the past few months, all businesses around the world got an opportunity in finding more innovative ways to enabling themselves to continue to work and support their customers and yet does not contribute to the pollution, green gas emissions, allowed families to reunite and spend more quality times, allowed all other living beings to use the space otherwise occupied by all of us, Humans. All of us staying at home has helped mother nature and other species to regain, rejuvenate to create a more balanced ecosystem around us. 

We are very confident that everything will bounce back with more vigor and energy to unveil a better place to live for all of us, hoping to see all of us humans to be more responsible for using the available resources on this planet earth and learn to coexist along with all other living beings.

We at Covalensedigital will continue to reinvent ourselves to become more environmentally friendly and a responsible organization, that promotes the concept of coexistence of all species and living beings on this planet earth.

Stay at home, stay healthy and stay safe!


-Sreenivas Peesapati

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