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2021 milestone - Covalensedigital is now ISO certified!

Bangalore, India – Today, on the joyous occasion of our 2nd year anniversary, we feel excited and proud to announce that our organization has reached yet another milestone this year. 

Covalensedigital is now ISO certified! 
Founded in 2009, our vision has been to create a ‘digital-first’ world through our subscription-based SaaS products, solutions & services. With every project, every year, we have set new goals to achieve this vision. This year, our achievement is in the form of becoming an ISO certified organization.  
Today, as Covalensedigital-ions celebrate the organization’s 2nd year anniversary along with this new milestone, our joy has been doubled. Now more than ever, we are motivated to set new work standards, new goals and aim to reach greater heights by next year!  

Cheers to us, Covalensedigital-ions!


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