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Revolutionizing Service Operations: The Evolution of Touch Free Operations

Why the Need to revolutionizing service operations across the sectors?  

In this technology driven World 95% of organizations are facing challenges managing their day-to-day business operations, help desk support and management services while monitoring, generating alerts, creating incidents, service tickets, assign tasks, finding root cause, managing knowledge articles, automation, integration of tools, reporting and sharing information with stakeholders.  

Few examples of traditional tricky processes and their effects, since why the industry is hindering to build up smoother and touch free operations 

What Does Touch Free Operations Mean?  

The motto of touch-free operation is to create future-ready service operations limiting manual operations, leveraging new technologies, and enabling business workflows, where the workforce is augmented by fully automated, integrated framework, and operations are event and data driven, predictive and proactive model 


Embarking the Touch Free Operations 

When we talk about integrating several applications and tools, industry frequently adopts Touch Free Operations. These suites of applications are frequently required for ensuring operational outcomes in a variety of business processes. An effective TFO solution will assist industry in getting enhanced workable platform by automating the legacy workflow, the generating and saving revenue as well as reducing the risks associated with day-to-day operations.  


Phases of Touch Free Operations 

Phases of Touch Free Operations: 

Achieving Touch-Free Operations in an organization is not an instantaneous process, it requires meticulous planning and strategic preparation well in advance to fully embrace and derive benefits from this transformative journey. Below is a phased approach that can be followed:  

Phase# 1: Legacy and Traditional: Industry having exiting tools and platforms where manual interventions are still required for day-to-day operations, business flow, from creation of ticket to closure, we need to identify and consider the whole ecosystem for enhancement toward touch free operations 

Phase# 2: Hybrid and Reactive: Very few of the existing platforms and applications might have started moving towards automated framework, it is beginning phase of working on the ground to make them available for next step 

Phase# 3: Progressive and Cutting-edge: Identified, potential tools, applications, platform, and operational framework should be migrated towards automated, touch free zone where still few applications and tools traditionally following the legacy way of work, we need to support existing business and day to operations without any hiccups.  

Phase# 4: Revolutionist or Reformist: Once the entire journey of Touch Free Operations is completed the business workflow and operations designs will be free from any manual intervention 

These four revolutionary reforming phases will minimize the pain of tedious, lengthy, costly, repetitive, error prone, monotonous business operation processes and help to evolve to new era of technology driven, automated, time saving, effective and proactive Touch Free Operations 

How can ServiceNow be effectively leveraged in this transformative journey? 

ServiceNow works as platform-as-a-service, that allows companies to manage entire operations, ticketing systems, customer services, proactively sending alarm on fault detection, root cause analysis, reporting, displaying and automate the business workflows for enterprise operations in single cloud native platform. 


CDS enables its expertise to optimize and guide this journey. 

Leveraging years of expertise in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Covalensedigital specializes in enhancing, automating, integrating, migrating, and digitizing legacy systems. Our proficiency extends to various service and operations management tools, including ServiceNow, covering different modules such as ITSM, ITOM, TSM, Service Portal, CSM, HRSD, DevOps, and more. 

We bring extensive experience in handling Incident, Problem, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Service Request, Service Bridge, MID Server, CMDB, Event Management, DevOps, and integrations with third-party tools.  

Unlock the complete potential of ServiceNow in collaboration with Covalensedigital. Elevate your operational landscape, drive efficiency, and stay resilient in the face of evolving business challenges. Connect with us at to embark on this transformative journey.


Swaraj Sarkar
Swaraj Sarkar,
Practice Director- ServiceNow

A versatile and driven individual with a passion for creativity and problem-solving. With a knack for innovation and a dedication to continuous learning, I thrive in dynamic environments, always striving to make a meaningful impact.

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