Enabling better citizen experiences through digitalization

A smooth citizen-experience is central to a smart city becoming sustainable in terms of basic facilities and access to a decent livelihood for people from different generations and backgrounds. Access to technology can make a huge difference in supporting an inclusive growth path for smart cities across multiple regions both locally and globally.
Modern digitalization technologies need to operate with a citizen-first approach. Platforms and solutions need to be easy to deploy and quick to integrate with existing smart city systems. All these functions, without compromising on giving better digital customer-citizen experiences.
Percentage of people living in cities in different years globally


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Building digital bridge with Csmart

Covalensedigital’s Csmart is tailor-made for the smart city citizen. Csmart CX is an enhanced digital engagement feature that can implement the citizen-first approach making it ideal for smart city deployments at diverse locations all around the world. Our Csmart CX components also include Csmart CRM, Csmart MApps & Csmart Care that can facilitate easy access to government services for city residents.
Covalensedigital enables municipal administration entities to create better C2G - Citizen-to-Government, B2G - Business-to-Government, and G2G - Government-to-Government experiences for smart cities across the globe.
Citizen to Government
Csmart - A digital self-service platform for citizens to make easy service delivery requests to their government for power, water & sanitation, telecoms, property, etc.
It is also a city partner platform that allows strategic partner management to handle citizen-facing services or operational support services.
Business to Government
City partner management platform for both service providers and suppliers through Csmart.
Service orchestration and automation.
A digital commerce platform for formal and informal city businesses to conduct trade.
Government to Government
Csmart is a digitalization platform for businesses, citizens and hence governments to engage proactively with each other.
Csmart partner portal and commerce platform allow cities to enable and enhance intra-city commerce hence help in making the cities attractive for investment and intellectual capital.
Csmart allows networks & automated systems to be aptly integrated so that governments can understand the association between city operations and citizen services using AI/ML, analytics & bots.

Covalensedigital’s Csmart continues to cater to multiple business sectors