To give is to be grateful

We believe that giving back to the world we live in is the first step of expressing our utmost gratitude. Covalensedigital follows the mantra of giving while imbibing the company principles of emerge, innovate & excel.

Covalensedigital-ions emerge - as volunteers to help society and environment by encouraging communities to innovate - unique ways of developing meaningful yet fun-filled CSR initiatives and help excel - oneself to reach the best human version of themselves.

Compassion is the core of Covalensedigital CSR culture

As an organization, we not only strive for technological excellence but holistic human excellence by being compassionate towards our society and environment. From cleaning a lake to making underprivileged lives better, our CSR team contributes their valuable time to put significant efforts.

25+ CSR activities

Since 2019

CSR initiatives run by Covalensedigital

It is our privilege and responsibility to constantly contribute to making our surroundings better. Contributions and efforts come in all sizes. Big or small, they need to have a significant and positive impact on our society. Our CSR initiatives are an extension of the collective values shared by Covalensedigital.
Support for the underprivileged
Social Icon Helping NGOs involved in the adoption of schools
Social Icon Conducting blood donation camps
Social Icon Providing nutritional food to children
Social Icon Supporting organizations involved in health and safety
Social Icon Support to civilians affected by natural calamities
Social Icon Bridging the urban rural divide by spreading computer literacy
Greener planet
Social Icon Lake cleaning
Social Icon Afforestation
Social Icon Recycling
Social Icon Conserving energy
Social Icon Creating awareness about waste management
Elderly care
Social Icon Providing physical and moral support in their 2nd childhood
Social Icon Taking care of basic amenities for the elderly, especially those who reside in rural areas

Live Green. Save Green.

Let’s pledge
to make our world a better place to live in

The Covalensedigital Story