Launched in May 2016, the Singaporean client is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The goal of the client was to give a personalized digital service to the customers in the Singapore region and hence give power back to the customer.


Covalensedigital successfully carried this out by deploying the right charging and billing solution in an easy-to-use mobile app. A marketplace was built around the client’s service to help increase their market reach in Singapore.
Digital disruption has been enabled for the Asian MVNO client which has made them fully digital. Online ordering is facilitated through website and mobile app. This helped end-customers in managing their telco needs and achieve full flexibility. Customer power in the form of choice was the client’s main goal and this was achieved. Besides enabling this, Covalensedigital also made the Singapore client grab 5% share in the existing MVNO market.


60% OPEX cut
by going digital
3 Geographies
live already
4 months
to launch a new solution

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