Monetization of rising digital content consumption

The advancement of 5G-IoT technologies with the ongoing enterprise digitalization has led to an exponential rise in digital content consumption. Operator enterprises are entering into cross-sector partnerships with media and entertainment players to offer 5G-IoT offerings. It is essential for both operators and media enterprises to rapidly monetize their offerings to fully leverage 5G-IoT tech.

$53 billion

Infotainment services market for public spaces
by 2026

$217 billion

Online interactive video gaming market
by 2025-end

$225 billion

Automotive infotainment services market
by 2025

Csmart OTT – Monetize Over-the-Top content services

Csmart OTT is a platform created to address media & entertainment monetization challenges. An OTT subscriber-centric digital platform, it manages pricing, billing and revenue management. It also includes self-service provisioning in terms of multi-video integration and content control.
Data analytics in media and entertainment
Customer preferences form an integral part of the media and entertainment sector. Consumer content behavior and data search patterns are necessary for identifying customer churn. This in turn helps businesses make informed decisions for customer retention and acquisition.
Modernization of cable TV and music & entertainment
Covalensedigital has been driving BSS modernization engagements for cable TV and DTH service providers. We can also enable efficient subscription management for streaming services offered by music enterprises, print media & digital publications.