Monetize your IoT based offerings

With 5G driving IoT communications, it is inevitable for enterprises to undergo complete digital transformation. Creation and smooth functioning of digital ecosystems will be the strong foundation on which your enterprise 5G-IoT services and products can be offered and hence monetized.

59% of organizations

expect 5G to be widely used
for IoT communications

53% organizations

chose video as the most popular
IoT use case

Csmart – Digitalization for IoT monetization

Adoption of 5G based technology and IoT communications depends on how well your enterprise operates digitally. Businesses can efficiently monetize their new launches only by empowering their legacy systems to operate at full digital power. Covalensedigital’s digital SaaS platform - Csmart has been propelling digital transformations of multiple organizations across the world. Our Csmart DX – is designed for enterprise level 5G/IoT integrations.
5G-enabled low latency pushes the need for private networks
With 5G deployments, customers will consume video content heavily. 5G’s speed and low latency will facilitate the delivery of many such high-demand IoT offerings. This low latency can easily support 4K and 8K HD video content. Therefore, enterprises can monetize HD video consumption and other related services and solutions.
With uncertainty of CSPs being 5G ready in time, enterprises including CSPs, need to implement private network monetization to offer IoT based offerings to their customers. Covalensedigital provides end-to-end 5G-IoT enabled private networks for organizations across multiple industry verticals.
IoT increases the demand for advanced data analytics
Data economics has been playing an important role in digitalization, and this will only increase with 5G-IoT technologies. AI/ML based data analytics with cloud services allow organizations to collect & analyze huge amounts of data. Based on churn rates, it helps make smart business decisions for newly launched services and products.