Digitalization and platformication
The next big thing in FinTech

The FinTech Banking 4.X era is governed by the platform economy. The platform business model adopted by industry-dominant companies has led to an economic revolution where companies are transitioning from being product-based to customer-centric.
More specifically, a customer’s digital engagement experience achieved through platform business model is going to be of paramount importance for FinTech and banking enterprises to continue to operate in normal business practices.
In the current global pandemic phase and digital age, the enterprises that are set to have increased profitability will be the ones that adopt emerging technologies, induce digital capabilities and enhance customer experience. By using digital-only models, FinTechs have locked more profits and are utilizing digital platforms to provide personalized customer experiences and hence enter new markets. Banks, firms with banking mergers, insurers can implement FinTech’s growth-framework with digital-only subsidiaries to bring in more profits.

Platformication will make traditional FinTech services disappear

By 2030

Regulation tools will be powered by AI-ML to enable efficiency

By 2030

Digital customer experiences will be mastered with digital platforms

By 2035

Make your FinTech firm platform compatible with Csmart

Covalensedigital brings the power of digitalization and platformication in one platform with our cloud-native SaaS product – Csmart. This makes Csmart ideal for the FinTech Banking 4.X age, helping digitalize both start-up FinTech firms and mega enterprises including those organizations that have mergers and collaborate with FinTech and banking firms on a regular basis.
With our ready-to-deploy digital platform - Csmart and innovative technologies of advanced analytics - Aspen, AI & ML, Covalensedigital digitalizes FinTech enterprises to deliver low-cost products and quality economic services. Our organization enables FinTech legacy systems to become cloud-ready with dynamic integrations and a remarkable digital engagement experience for customers. Thus, making FinTech companies and enterprises that collaborate with them be head-to-head in speed with the FinTech Banking 4.X digital era.
Enabling platformication
Csmart is our subscription-based e-commerce platform. With open API and real-time engagement, it offers digital and self-service partner enablement.
Your customers get a personalized digital experience and you as an enterprise can utilize the feature of seamless communication between buyers and vendors.
Traditional to digital
The traditional banking firms and FinTech legacy systems need to undergo digital transformations. This leads to being digitally able to render complete digitalization of your FinTech company.
Along with platformication, Covalensedigital also provides consulting to support easy and quick legacy-to-cloud integrations.
Implementing Analytics - AI/ML
The platform business model supports revenue reconciliation which leads to greater accuracy, agility, and effectiveness in FinTech & banking operations.
With API integration, it further prepares the system to use operational advancements that include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI & ML, and Distributed Ledger Tech (DLT)

Csmart also makes learning easier and cities smarter