Redesigning the educational system through digital transformations

The need for remote digital education and e-learning has gained massive momentum since 2020. The teaching-learning landscape has undergone a permanent change that is almost irreversible. This has led to an exponential increase and hence demand for complete digitalization of education organizations across all learning levels. Educational enterprises and organizations must redesign their traditional and legacy infrastructure to be able to give access to digital learning resources and systems.

Building a digital K-12 educational model

Among all levels of education, there is a greater demand for cloud-based remote education infrastructure for the K-12 education - the years from kindergarten through 12th grade. From city-based educational organizations to rural learning establishments, implementation of a complete digital K-12 educational model is necessary to keep up with the speed of remote digital education and cut huge costs in the future.

Top-5 K-12 education trends since 2021

Hybrid digital world
Cloud now
Learning insights
Collaboration & end-user technologies
Adaptive learning

Implementation of cloud-based education systems with Csmart

Csmart Edutech is Covalensedigital’s cloud-native SaaS product that is specifically designed for organization-wide deployment of a cloud education model. It facilitates the creation of a digital world environment for both teachers and students. By managing the end-to-end execution of planning, delivery, content management, and measurement of all L&D activities, Csmart helps education enterprises move from a cost center to a profit center.

Digitalization breaks geographical barriers

Digitalization makes education accessible to all. By freeing up the physical barriers of travel, reducing costs from curriculum’s print media to digital copies, managing pandemic related safety with remote learning, Csmart helps in giving quick & easy access to educational information to students from diverse backgrounds at diverse geographies across the world.
Csmart - Cloud platform
Covalensedigital’s cloud platform - Csmart helps maintain various content types like video and audio stream, digital documents and provides easy integrations for gamification platforms.
Such interactive methods and tools help in visualization of curriculum concepts for students to understand the content in an immersive yet simple way.
Easy access to information
Digitalization of an entire educational organization involves administrative- management systems and faculty-student information systems.
Such large-scale digitalization helps regulate the setup of virtual classrooms, digital assessments and quick access to digital information and tools.
Adaptive learning
Adaptive learning is a method of facilitating personalized education where there is constant readjusting of content according to student’s digital behavior.
Covalensedigital’s advanced analytics product- Aspen can collect learner data that helps organizations provide personalized learning experiences.

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