Digitalizing your telco means prioritizing your customer

Of all the driving factors for various industry sectors, telecom industry is ruled by customer-journey experiences. However, telcos are still isolated with traditional back-end systems which operate on obsolete customer support and product design approaches. A larger number of telecoms still have a long way to go before adapting to the customer-centric concept. Telecom enterprises need to undergo full rewiring through complete digitalizing of their current legacy systems. Digitalization of all the internal telco processes and core customer journeys is crucial to keep up with the rest of the digitized world.

Transforming telco legacy systems into digital powerhouses

Your business scalability is directly proportional to your digital ability. Covalensedigital can transform your telco legacy systems into digital powerhouses by integrating our game changer digitalization product – Csmart. Packed with smart features that put enhanced digital engagement at the forefront and strong integrations at the backend, your telco organization will be cloud-ready in no time. With improved digital scalability, you can explore business opportunities with 5G & IoT, launch newer services and products allowing your telco enterprise to both retain and increase your customer base.

Digital telco and Covalensedigital

With its decade-long subject matter expertise, versatile digitalization platform Csmart, and advanced analytics, Covalensedigital can make your telco digital transformation journey easier and quicker, hence helping you monetize better.
From CSP to DSP with Csmart
Transforming into a DSP is the next step for CSPs to keep monetizing their regular business in the world of current emerging technologies of 5G & IoT. With the imminent push for CSP to become a DSP, the need for a one-stop versatile digital platform for quicker and easier market time becomes necessary. Covalensedigital’s Csmart is a converged e-commerce platform that does exactly this. It enables service providers to move from a limited portfolio of rigid traditional services to a diverse portfolio of targeted and flexible digital services.
Enhanced DCX - Digital Customer Experience
With the progress from legacy telco to being a cloud-native telco, our organization can help you adopt multiple customer engagement channels including social media integration, chatbots, and live video interaction. These DCX tools help add a personal touch to customer channel management and customer-specific solutions. As a result, it improves customer digital engagement experience with increased opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.
Real-time analytics with AI & ML models
Timeliness and relevance are key differentiators of value for the customer. Covalensedigital’s data and advanced analytics through AI/ML models provide precision and agility to your business response, therefore helping you constantly shift your mode of business operation to customer’s preferences. This leads to you, as a service provider, gaining more value related to customer retention, customer acquisition, and enhanced CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).