Power your business with data analytics

With emerging technologies - 5G and IoT, digitalization of enterprises and businesses is moving at a fast pace. Customer behavior data is integral for customer retention, growth and new customer acquisition. Hence, data-driven advanced analytics is essential for businesses and can also help improve an organization’s ability to launch new 5G/IoT based offerings.

Make smart business decisions with advanced data analytics

Effective utilization of relevant customer data enables enterprises to calculate risks and constantly review customer-based decisions. Therefore, advanced data analytics is key in creating decision making strategies to start, maintain, grow and scale businesses. Enterprises can utilize customer data received from multiple channels to design customer engagement strategies such as loyalty offers that affect monetization strategies as well.

Advanced data analytics and Covalensedigital

Aspen is Covalensedigital’s industry agnostic AI/ML platform with deep learning capabilities. We offer advanced analytics-based and machine learning-powered solutions. Powered by ChrysalisGold, this platform enables streaming of events and high-density real-time data for decision making abilities.
Advanced analytics with AI/ML models
Our analytics knowledge combined with deep domain knowledge supported by embedded AI/ ML models intelligently builds data strategies and transforms your enterprise into an analytics-driven organization.
Our deep understanding of the broad spectrum of analytics-based assets and market-tested approaches deliver valuable insights that help in better decision making and improve your customer satisfaction.
Aspen features

Customer churn analysis - Analyzes when the customer is likely to churn and based on that, retention and marketing policies can be decided

Customer retention - Categorizes customers and targets them with specific campaigns for that segment

Sentiment analysis - Checks customer behavior and helps businesses with a large web and mobile presence

Smart recommendation - Crafts Next-Best-Offer to achieve specific goals, such as increasing sales, loyalty or share of wallet

Customer Lifetime Value – Helps understand the bottom-line profit contribution of different subscribers

Segmentation & targeted offerings model
A customer-driven and not a product-driven methodology of marketing that helps businesses deliver appropriate and personalized messages to engage with respective customers and to identify the segments and groups across their large clientele.